Unicorns are deceivingly cute, because a lot of people forget that they have a razor sharp sword on top of their head. Never mess with a unicorn.

Wanna Play?

Dogs play in such a carefree manner, as though they are furry children. That's why I think that so many people love dogs, because they help us reconnect to our childlike selves. (Orion and Lyra from Galaxy Pals)

Revenge Lick

One of my Mom's dogs, Emily, has an obsessive need to lick everyone's face because she loves everyone so very much. So I decided to return the favor, and she was shocked at first but then couldn't stop wagging her happy tail. :P (Orion and Lyra from Galaxy Pals)

Funny Faces

One of the funnest things to do in life is to make weird random faces at people and see their reactions. (Lyra and Orion from Galaxy Pals)


Of all the yoga poses, dog pose and tree pose are the most hilarious. (Orion and Lyra from Galaxy Pals)


It's funny when a cute, innocent dog can instantly become a growling demon when they play tug-of-war. (Orion and Lyra from Galaxy Pals)


Sometimes, you just got to take a nap, especially on a dog-pillow. (Orion and Lyra from Galaxy Pals)

Slobber Monster

It is a well known fact that dogs lick people that they love and it is one of their only ways of showing affection. They can't pet you like a dog, because they have sharp claws. Or maybe dogs think that humans are dirty creatures who need a tongue bath... so gross. (Lyra and Orion from Galaxy Pals)

Natural Dancer

Dancing has never been a natural talent of mine, but I still love to move around to music even though it may be pure chaos. My sister, on the other hand, is an amazing dancer who could dance around land mines if she had to. (Lyra and Orion from Galaxy Pals)

Epic High-Five!

I wish that everyone would high-five each other instead of hand shaking. (Lyra and Orion from Galaxy Pals)

Ice-Cream Overkill

Sometimes too much of a good thing can become an awful ice-cream headache, and a bonus sugar rush. (Lyra and Orion from Galaxy Pals)

Pug Kiss

Orion loves Lyra and often kisses her on the cheek to show his affection. Even though 'dog kisses' are disgusting, we have to appreciate a dog's cute attempt at saying 'I love you human'. :P (Lyra and Orion from Galaxy Pals)

Dramatic Pose

This is Lyra and Orion from 'Galaxy Pals' doing their own version of a dramatic super hero pose. (Lyra and Orion from Galaxy Pals)

Boat Dragon

This is going to be the cover for 'My Dragon Brother' book. I've always wanted to wander around ancient Asian waterways searching for magical moments like this.

Hoppy Emily

This is my step-sister, Emily, a hyper dog who has an obsession with licking people's faces when they least expect it. She waits until you let your guard down and then she attacks your face with her slobbery tongue... it's disgustingly cute.

Floppy Oppy

This is one of my of step-brothers, Oppy, who happens to be an overly fluffy bichon frise dog. He just literally flops around from pure laziness during a playfight with his fluffy sister Emily, who is also a bichon frise.

Mr. Cewl

This is for my friend, who I consider to be Mr. Cewl. He likes being stylish and classy at all times. ;)

Sunset Song

My Mom loves to play the guitar and sing. It would be fun one day to camp out on the beach and have a hippie beach singing and dancing moment.

Crane Dragon

This drawing is dedicated to my Aunt Belinda who passed away last year. She was a very positive and beautiful person that always had a smile to share.