Cupcakes are Hoppiness

Cupcakes are so cute because they are miniature cakes. ^-^ Cupcakes are cheerful, fun, and delicious!

Stay Cool

This summer has been super hot! I live in BC, Canada and we have had record temperatures and many forest fires too. I hope that we can get this climate change thing under control soon.

Everyone Feels Embearassed

I used to feel very embearassed all the time and hated the feeling. Now, I feel less embearassed because I just laugh at myself knowing everyone feels the same way. These embearassing moments also add to the comedy of my life and others too haha. ^-^

You Are Deer to My Heart

I know it's not winter, but I still had to share this cute deer with you guys. If you're reading this from the North Pole then it's always winter and this message does not apply to you haha.

Friends are an amazing part of my life and my heart. If my heart was an apartment building it would be full of the most beautiful, fun, and kindhearted people.

I'm very grateful for all my friends. Thank you for being my friend! ^-^

Bike Riding is Hoppiness

Some of my most favorite memories are when I was bike riding. The feeling of soaring through the wind on a bicycle is amazing and it almost feels like you're flying! Biking is also great for people who have knee issues because it's a low impact exercise. Be safe and always wear a helmet too. ^-^

You Deserve Hoppiness and Love

We all have some special friends in our life that support and love us, even when we are feeling gloomy like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. ^-^

Spring into Action!

Sometimes we procrastinate, get distracted, and put important things aside to do later. This 'later' can go on for days and even years! During moments like this, we need to gather some energy and spring like a bunny into action! Whoohoo! ^-^

We're Owl Unique

Oscar Wilde once said, "Be yourself, because everyone else is taken." Everyone is special in there own way and we all have a gift we can share with others. Have fun being yourself and appreciate others who have fun being weird and fun too. ^-^

Don't Flop, Hop!

Sometimes life is tough and you stumble, and flop. Instead of flopping, try hopping to your goals in life. Learn from your flops so that every flop can become a hop. ^-^

Creating is Hoppiness

'Creating is Hoppiness' is a personal philosophy of mine. When I create, I feel hoppy about my ability to express myself and I'm always surprised by my imagination. What do you create that makes you hoppy? ^-^