Olympian Free-For-All

Zeus is easily distracted...

Bubble Dragon

This is another page for my story 'My Dragon Brother'. You are never too old to blow bubbles. Bubbles are just too magical to leave behind in your childhood! Bubbles forever!

Moon Fish

Extreme fishing IN SPACE.

Rapunzel Hair-Drying

My sister loves Rapunzel and consequently loves hair styling, so this was an idea that she gave me to draw. (Thank you sister.)

It must be really annoying to have such long hair. I would hire an army of rats, because rats can be easily trained, to comb my hair–like Giselle would from the movie 'Enchanted'.

Winter Hunt

This is for my friend Lisa, who loves foxes. We love to snow shoe together, and I hope this captures the beauty of winter.

Bass Master

This is my Step Dad bass fishing. Apparently, it is a great tradition amongst bass fishermen to kiss the fish before releasing them back into their habitat.

Viking Sheep Revenge!

Monocle Whale

I just read a recent edition of 'Readers Digest' and loved the cover so much that I had to create a parody of it. 

If you would like to read more about why 'Whales are People Too', then swim on over to: 

Readers Digest

Hairy Potter (fan art)

I love making puns and homonyms out of famous movie titles.

Patrick Star Monroe (fan art)

This has to be the strangest combination of celebrities that has ever crossed my mind, and that is exactly why I had to draw it! Strangeness is fun! I wonder if Marilyn Monroe would have approved of this hideous experiment?

Don't Mech with Us (fan art)

I love transformers and the idea of having dual identities. I also think it's fun to play around with gender stereotypes. Pink can be a kick butt color!

Harmony in Nature

If Mother Nature could play the piano, it would look like this. This is actually my Mom playing the piano, and she is learning to become a very playful and creative pianist/composer.

Super Catch!

This was a commission for a lovely lady who loves baseball. and catches baseballs like they are a hot potato. She's super fast and has great reflexes too.

Walking the Duck

I live in a very rainy city. I was getting really tired of the rain, and so I thought to myself, "How can I cheer things up when it's raining cats, dogs and elephants every day?". The answer: go for a walk with a duck in the rain.

Super Spike Attack!

My boyfriend and I love to play volleyball, and he loves spiking the ball into people's faces... well not really, because that's just plain mean.

Actually, I have been smacked in the face by a volleyball or two, which has helped me to play better because I'm not so afraid of the ball anymore. Sometimes desensitization is a good thing.

Dolphin Surfing

One part surfboard, one part lifeguard–what more could you want?

Slow and Lazy Wins the Race

Sometimes being smart about being lazy–can make you a winner or just a jerk.

Baby Einstein

This was baby Albert Einstein's favorite past-time.

Pigachu (fan art)

I love happy-go-lucky Pigachu, he's so cute.

I think that Pigachu exceeded his daily calorie intake, which is based on a diet consisting primarily of light bulbs and car batteries.

Okanagan Lake

My family has a cabin at Okanagan Lake, and there is a great myth about a creature, like the Lock Ness Monster, that lurks beneath the lake. It's called an Ogopogo, and instead of looking like a whale dinosaur thing like the Loch Ness Monster, it looks sort of like an aquatic version of a Japanese Dragon.

Shooting Stars

After watching ' The Hunger Games' I have become really fascinated by archery. So after fantasizing about being an archer in my daydreams (when I should have been working) I came up with this idea. 

Never underestimate the power of pointy sharp twigs and a spring flinging bow.

Scared of an Elephant

Paddle Pride

My Dad loves to Kayak, and I tried to portray him in his epic kayaking pose. He loves kayaking so much, and even knows how to roll back up after being tipped over and underwater. I guess turtles could learn a thing or two from my Dad.

Chibi Sunflower

Chibi Sunflower
I'm addicted to drawing chibis, they are just too fun to draw! This drawing is for my sister, who loves all things cute and girly. She also loves the show Sailor Moon, which was my first introduction into the realm of chibis.